Hempology 101 - Growing Cannabis Seeds Facts Visit the cannabis seed store to purchase all the best types of cannabis.

Hempology 101 - Growing Cannabis Seeds Facts

Hempology 101 is dedicated to pure cannabis cultivation truth and facts. Promoting the economic and environmental aspects of growing hemp aka growing cannabis. Industrial hemp is a distinct variety of the plant species cannabis sativa L.

HEMP FACTS: Hempology 101 dot com is here to educate the general public on an age old plant called hemp, the earth's premier renewable resource.

The oldest recorded cultivated fabric is hemp from around the era of China 2800 BC. Through the ancient Indo-European languages that led to English, its name is related to the Greek and Latin cannabis from which we get both its garden name and the name for the flower extracted from female plants. Hemp is cannabis cultivation for industrial use and thus contains very low levels of cannabinoids (THC). Properly cultivating hemp has virtually no "high" effects when consumed. Today's genetics has made hemp among one of the most productive and useful plants known. Safely growing from the Equator to the Arctic. The following materials can be made from hemp plant: Clothing, paper, building materials, fuel, cosmetics, beverages, food, cleaners, and paint products all can be obtained from the fibers, seeds, seed meal and seed oil.

More commonly known as pot, weed, ganja, cannabis and marijuana, the first thing to learn in Hempology 101 is cannabis seed selection and cannabis seed purchasing.

Selecting the Best Cannabis Seeds

Hempology 101 Dot Com presents Cannabis Seeds started by the inspiration of growing pot and weed smokers who share cultivation knowledge and improve cannabis genetics with as many people as possible. If you like to buy cannabis seeds, quality seed banks have been supplying cannabis seeds for sale to the world for over 20 years now. There are a great many cannabis seed banks, cannabis shops, cannabis growers and genetic seed banks. Cannabis seeds for sale online wholesale go to shops and dealers who change names, prices, etc. Because we concentrate so much on wholesale seedbanks it's possible for you to buy cannabis seeds for better prices!

Most cannabis seeds come from weed farms with high tech operations. They will support you personally and discretely by experienced growers. The professional growers, using genetics which have been collected worldwide, try to bring out a new strains for sale every 6 months. Most cannabis seed banks now carry about 40 strains of cannabis seeds.

When you buy cannabis seeds expect a 90% germination rate, no hermaphrodites. They manage to maintain these standards by checking their cannabis seeds frequently and by keeping a steady supply of fresh product. You should be offered a full money back guarantee if you can prove a lower germination rate! Be sure you brush up on cannabis germination.

All cannabis seeds dispatched are not pre-packed or sold off the shelf. All seeds are individually selected by hand and any cracked, broken, crushed or immature seeds are ejected prior to posting, 100% quality is guaranteed.

Cannabis seeds are usually priced per 10 seeds. Credit cards accepted. Secure world wide shipping. All prices should include basic shipment, registered mail is a little more. There are hardly reported problems with packages that go missing because most cannabis seeds are packaged in discrete crush proof, sealed envelopes.

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