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Growing Cannabis Tips

Growing cannabis the proper way from experienced growers perspectives. New cannabis growing techniques enabling you to effectively grow cannabis.

Fresh Air

Proper ventilation is very important. Without proper ventilation the leaves will grow slowly or even die. Movement of the air during cannabis cultivation gets rid of toxins and poisons. Movement of the air keeps the temperature from getting too hot. Make the inlet near the bottom of the room and twice as big as the outlet located near the top of the room.


The most important factor is NO light must enter the room during the dark cycle of growing cannabis. Depending on the size of your room, most use 1000 to 1500 watt high pressure sodium lamps. Make the inside of your room white for optimal results.


Find the best soil possible, do not scrimp. The soil you use should have these properties for the best possible cannabis growing results:

  1. It should drain well. That is, it should have some sand in it and also some sponge rock or perlite.
  2. The ph should be between 6.5 and 7.5 since marijuana does not do well in acidic soil. High acidity in soil encourages the plant to be predominantly male, an undesirable trait.
  3. The soil should also contain humus for retaining moisture and nutrients during cultivating cannabis.


The most important thing to remember is to introduce the fertilizer concentration to the plant gradually. Start with a fairly diluted fertilizer solution and gradually increase the dosage. Most fertilizers cause a ph change in the soil. Adding fertilizer to the soil almost always results in a more acidic ph. During the first three months of growing cannabis, fertilize your plants every few days. As the rate of foliage growth slows down in the plant's preparation for blooming and seed production, the fertilizer intake of the plant should be slowed down as well. Never fertilize the plant just before you are going to harvest it since the fertilizer will encourage foliage production and slow down resin production. Some growers like to stop giving fertilizer 3 weeks before harvest so the soil can be flushed out and the plant tastes better with no chemicals.


Do not water your plants every day, but only after the top layer is dried out just check the soil every now and then. Don't let the soil dry out when cannabis growing. An important thing about watering is to see to it that the pot has good drainage. There should be holes in the bottom of the pots so mildew and mould does not occur, you need the runoff. It is a good habit to spray your plants with water every day just after the lights are turned off.

Males / Females

A female can either generate a large seedless bud, a large bud with a few seeds, or a large bud that is almost totally seeds. The first case is achieved by removing all the male plants before any of their flowers open. The second case occurs when a few male flowers have opened but you remove them before any more open. The third case occurs when you miss-time the flowering of the male. This can be devastating if you have big female plants because you could loose 90% of the smokeable herb to seed production. When a male enters the stage of flower development, the tips of the branches where a bud would develop will start to grow what looks like a little bud (little balls) but it will have no white hairs coming out of it. Females will have no balls and will have small white hairs.

The Flowering

Cut back your light cycle from 18 hours to 12 hours to trigger flowering when growing cannabis cannabis. This cycle will have to continue, depending on the kind, for 8 to 9 weeks. After that period the marijuana should be ready for harvesting.. Keep humidity levels down indoors when flowering, as this is the most delicate time for the plants in this regard. Look for the white hairs to turn red, orange or brown, and the false seed pods ( you did pull the males, right?) to swell with resins. When most of the pistils have turned color (~80%), the flowers are ripe to harvest.


Most new growers want to pick early, because they are impatient. That is OK! Just take buds from the middle of the plant or the top. Allow the rest to keep maturing. Often, the tops of the plants will be ripe first. Harvest them and let the rest of the plant continue to ripen. You will notice the lower buds getting bigger and fuzzier as they come into full maturity. With more light available to the bottom portion of the plant now, the plant yields more this way over time, than taking a single harvest. Do not touch those buds! Touch only the large fan leaves if you want to inspect the buds, as the THC will come off on your fingers and reduce the overall yield if mishandled.

Drying Cannabis

Do not cure pot in the sun, it reduces potency. Slow drying cannabis is cured by hanging buds upside down in a ventilated space. That is all that is needed to have great Sensi. Drying in a paper bag works too, and may be much more convenient. Bud tastes great when slow dried over the course of a week or three.

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