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Cannabis Seeds Selections

How to select the best cannabis seeds that are right for your growing techniques. See the tables to determine the best cannabis.

Selecting the best cannabis seeds is half the battle. Figure out where you want to grow your plants. Inside or outside. Our selection has the best cannabis seeds for outside growing, inside growing and inside/outside growing. Avoid using an indoor selection outdoors and vice versa. There are pros and cons to every way of growing the best cannabis, outdoor cannabis will have to grow and flower for a longer period compared to inside growing cannabis, but the results after harvesting will also be much better. The table below will help you in making your choice for the best cannabis seeds for you.

Factor Inside Outside
Privacy High Low
Harvest Results Good Better
Growing Time 9 to 10 Weeks 20 to 25 Weeks
When All Year Season
Skilss More Complicated Easy
Cost Investment No Investment
Climate Steady Variable

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